Harbourfront annexed as new Territory

Harbourfront, a waterfront beach made up of small stones and pieces of driftwood, was annexed from the United States by the State of Malinovia, incorporating it as a new Territory. Since it is a territory, it has no administration of it’s own, and government responsibilities usually fall into the hands of the federal government. The President, Vice President, and Minister of Defense visited the new territory today and immediately fell in love. The capital had been set at Lewisburg, which consists of Meriweather Rock, a large boulder roughly 6 feet high, and a small oak tree. After having fun skipping rocks, climbing trees, and swimming, the President and his associates departed Harbourfront, thus ending a successful diplomatic mission; a stately day indeed for Malinovia.

Harbourfront Photo Gallery

Map of Harborfront
Photo of Harbourfront
The President in front of Meriweather Rock

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